How to Become a Lawyer: A Step-by-Step Guide –

How to Become a Lawyer: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Become a Lawyer: A Step-by-Step Guide –,

How to become a lawyer? Being a lawyer requires one to be aware of the laws of the land and the culture and hierarchy of society. A lawyer should have a basic idea on human psychology, and the basic requirements to become a lawyer is an undergraduate Law degree and clear the BAR council exam or state BAR council exam.

How to enroll in law school

Entry Bar : Your application into the Law School is based on your performance in the examination of the Bar Council of India. The exam aims at evaluating you as an applicant and measuring your reasoning skills, analytical skills, and legal knowledge. It is held by the Bar Council of India every year. You are not required to score minimum required marks to be able to apply for the admission. Also, your credentials such as degree, police, or army will be a weightage. Entry Score (BSO) : After clearing the qualifying examination, the BAR Council of India will send the score to all the universities across India, and based on the score of the other universities, students are selected for admission.

The importance of a undergraduate Law degree

A bachelor’s degree in Law is a great foundation in becoming a lawyer, but before enrolling in Law school, one should know that a bachelor’s degree will not help in becoming a lawyer. A bachelor’s degree in Law is only a basic requirement to become a lawyer, and one must have a Law degree to practice as a lawyer.

Admission to Law School

If you wish to study Law, you have to pass the Bar Council of India (BCI) exam. The bar council exam is the qualification check to be a lawyer in India. The Bar Council of India offers the Indian Law Course (ILC) exam to all Law degree students in India. The ILC exam is an entrance test to the LLB or B.A./LL.B degree in India.

The ILC exam is conducted every year. Those who pass the ILC exam are qualified for admission to the Indian Law Course.

What is the bar council exam?

The bar council exam is a necessary qualification for lawyers. The exam is held by the National Bar Council in order to maintain the standard of the lawyer’s profession. Bar Council is the only body authorized to certify any lawyer to be a lawyer. It is not required for the first year of the training to pass the bar council exam.

So, the answer to the first question is, you do not need to pass the bar council exam to become a lawyer. You just need to fulfill the requirements to get the law degree.

Where to get law degree?

This is the biggest question of all.

Getting the law degree is not a very easy process. You need to take full advantage of your time.

Bar council exam preparation

A law degree is like an undergraduate degree and it’s one of the most difficult studies in the world. So even if you have read a lot on the subject and understand how the lawyers think, how will you face the bar exam? The government of India has a large number of lawyers and there’s a huge competition to get a law degree, what makes it difficult?

The idea is simple and easy – you need to study harder and clearer so you can clear the bar exam easily. If you want to be a lawyer you need to pass bar exam, and you can easily understand it by knowing the background of the bar exam.

How to prepare for bar exam

It’s one of the most competitive exams, where hundreds of thousands of students apply to take the exam, but only few hundred pass it every year.

Clear the bar council exam or state BAR council exam

An undergraduate Law degree like LLB or B.Com LLB is required to become a lawyer. There are a number of states where one can sit for the exam or the other, and then start his or her career. The Bar council of India is the regulatory body in India for lawyers and a lawyer who has passed the necessary course can obtain admission in the University. However, in order to become a lawyer you will need to pass a law examination that takes place each year.

Make sure you check the eligibility criteria of the state for the exam, then research for colleges that offers LLB or B.Com courses so that you are eligible to take the exam.

Application for a license to practice law

Prospective lawyers should note that any person who wants to pursue Law is required to acquire a law degree from a law school. In India, an undergraduate Law degree is required to qualify for application for the Bar exam to practice law. To obtain a degree you must pass one or more Law school tests and exams and take a state Bar exam to be licensed to practice law in any state. The process to be a lawyer takes time and should not be rushed.

You can apply to Bar Examination for licensing to practice law in any state you want in India by filing an application with your home state Bar council and filling out application forms. The Bar Examination is administered through the ABA. It consists of a multiple choice test and an oral test.

Interviews for a job as a lawyer

An interview is the final, pivotal step of the journey. The candidate must show that they have completed the above steps successfully. For instance, you must know how to prepare for the interview by taking mock tests. A candidate must know the names of the questions that may be asked. It will be a part of your job requirements, as a lawyer, to show that you have the information.

Prepare Questions for Interviews

The way you prep questions for the interview can depend on the type of job you are applying for. There are two common type of interview question which are:

(1) General Knowledge

(2) Interpretation of Law

Generally, most interview questions are about general knowledge. Some questions are based on the fact that if you show your knowledge you will be a better candidate.


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