cbse class 12 previous year papers

cbse class 12 previous year papers

Class 12 CBSE Previous Year Paper

Class 12 usually decides the professional career of a person. Hence 12th standard is essential for any undergraduate student. Therefore practising previous year question paper is very important so that you work hard and gain good marks in the final exams. The board exam paper pattern becomes clear to you by solving these questions. Solving previous years CBSE question papers will help you understand what kind of questions will be asked in the actual exam.

You will get to know writing what sort of answers will fetch you more marks. Hence quickly download the papers and include them in your study plan. Doing well in CBSE 12 boards is impossible without preparation. Therefore past papers are the best way to learn the paper pattern, time management, keywords and other points. Subjects like math and Science are conceptual. Such issues cannot be memorized. For certain other matters, both concepts and learning ability is needed. Here is where last year question paper plays a role. It helps you to understand the essential and nonessential topics better.

You can download all 12 class cbse papers here:


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