9 Important Questions of Peripherals and Interfaces

Hello Everyone 🙂
I am Vivek Sharma, In this post, I have written 9 Important Questions of Peripherals and Interfaces. This post is mainly for the students of Diploma in Computer Engineering. But if your branch has a similar syllabus to Diploma in Computer Engineering, then this post may useful for you too 🙂
I hope these questions will help you in your studies 🙂

Here are those Questions…

  1. What are Video Adapters?
  2. Explain the different type of Printers.
  3. What is ZIP Drive?
  4. What is the full form of CGS?
  5. What do you mean by Resolution?
  6. Explain the principle and working of Monitor?
  7. What is the full form of SIMD?
  8. What is PEN Drive?
  9. What is a random scan and vector scan?

I hope you found this Post useful 🙂 Help your classmates by sharing this post with them 🙂



  1. hlo brother… tum yr peripherals and interfaces ka notes provide kara sakta ho bahot important hai yr aur kahi sa mil bhi nhi rahe…..

    • Don’t worry about them. I am going to upload them at the last of this month, I can’t upload anything till 27 January due to some reason.
      and I am going to upload Notes of Data Communication Along with Peripherals and Interfaces.

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