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I am Vivek Sharma, and in this post, I have written 9 Important Questions of Introduction to Microprocessor.

These Questions are those, who frequently came in Sessional and Board Exams. This post is mainly for the students of Diploma in Computer Engineering, but if you have the same subject and bit similar Syllabus so it can be helpful for you too 🙂

So, without taking time… Let Set Go!

Here the Questions

Q1. Write the function of pin Data set Ready in 8251.

Q2. Explain RIM Instruction.

Q3. Write a program for addition of two 16 bit numbers.

Q4. Draw the block diagram of 8251.

Q5. Differentiate between synchronous and Asynchronous Data Transfer.

Q6. Explain the architecture of 8259.

Q7. Explaining Rotating and Fixed priority mode in 8257.

Q8. Define I/O mapped I/O.

Q9. Explain the function of status register in DMA.

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