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This is Vivek Sharma, and in this Post, I am going to tell you The Advantages & Disadvantages of Optical Fibre.

So, without wasting time Let set Go!


Here are some Advantages of Optical Fibres.

  • Low Cost.
  • Optical Fibres can be twisted in any form.
  • Good Flexibility.
  • There is Very little absorption of light as it travels for long distances inside the optical fibre, It means it is Low Transmission loss.
  • Electrical Isolation.


Here are some Disadvantages of Optical Fibres.

  • The life of optical fibres decreases due to moisture.
  • More complex testing procedure.
  • For every electronic repeater, an independent electrical power source is required.
  • Connections of Optical Fibres are difficult due to its small size.

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I hope this post is useful and informative for you 🙂


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