Important Questions of Elements of Workshop Technology

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This post is for the students of Diploma in Polymer Engineering. As the students of Polymer Engineering know that Elements of Workshop Technology is their subject. So, In this post, I have written some Important Questions of Elements of Workshop Technology.
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Here are those Important Questions…

  • Explain in brief the process of applying varnish and polish on wood.
  • What safety measures we must take in the fitting shop?
  • Explain in brief properties and use of glues.
  • Differentiate between Brazing and soldering.
  • What is the least count of Vernier Caliper?
  • What is the use of compound die?
  • Explain the different types of joint used in the carpentry shop with a sketch.
  • What is the common defect of welding? List any four and explain.
  • Draw neat sketches of any two types of stakes used in sheet metal shop. And write their use.
  • Draw and label bevel protractor.
  • What are the different types of saws used in the carpentry shop? Explain any two.
  • What are the different types of joints used in welding?
  • What is spot welding?
  • Name the different files used for woodwork.
  • In arc welding, the electric arc is produced between the work and the electrode by……………
  • Define TIG.
  • What is Blanking?
  • What is the difference between drilling and boring?
  • What is the main operation carried in sheet-metal?
  • Define Brazing.
  • What angle is kept between the welding torch and work, in back-hand welding?
  • What is the use of “fullers”?
  • What is pull saw or draw saw?
  • Draw the neat sketch of various flames used in welding. Name it.
  • Describe the working of spring hammer with neat sketch.
  • What is the seasoning of wood? Explain.
  • What are the different safety precautions in Arc welding?
  • Explain the gas welding process with Sketch
  • What are the commonly used measure and marking tools in sheet metal working? Explain how they are used.
  • Differentiate among Blanking punching and piercing.
  • Draw the sketch of “Micrometer” and label it.
  • What are the causes of industrial fire? How can it be prevented?

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