Important Questions of Cutting Tools & Jigs & Fixtures

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This is Vivek Sharma, and in this post, I have written some Important Questions of Cutting Tools & Jigs & Fixtures 
Software Engineering is a subject for the students who are doing Diploma in Tool and Die making Engineering.

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Here are those Questions…

  • Differentiate between jigs and fixtures.
  • What is the function of mandrels in the turning fixture?
  • How do you define tool life?
  • What is meant by cutting setting?
  • What is meant by built-up-edge(BUE)?
  • list the two advantages of the jigs & fixtures.
  • In an orthogonal cutting tool what are the important angles that are to be maintained?
  • How is metal removed in metal cutting?
  • Differentiate between cutting and forming.
  • Describe the ideal chip.
  • What factors cause the tool to lose hardness?
  • What is the purpose of drilling jigs?
  • What type of press is used for making automobile license plates?
  • Discuss the nature of friction found in metal cutting.
  • What is meant by quick-change fixture?
  • How can a lathe fixture be clamped to the lathe?
  • What are welding fixtures? State the general purpose of a welding fixture.
  • What are the conditions that would allow a continuous chip to be formed in metal cutting?
  • What are the desirable characteristics of a cutting tool material?
  • Discuss types of accessories and attachments for presses.
  • List factors affecting the frictional force in single point tools.
  • Name different types of presses used for sheet metal working. Name different types of sheet metal operations.
  • What is the major difference between precision and commercial die?
  • Write short notes on inspection and welding fixtures.
  • Sketch and explain lathe fixture.
  • Sketch and explain index milling fixture.
  • Sketch the tool geometry of a single point tool names the materials used for cutting tools.
  • Sketch and explain plate jig.
  • Give a comparative evaluation of the various cutting tool materials.
  • Sketch and explain blanking and progressive die.
  • Explain clearly the principle of the location of the workpiece in jigs and fixtures.
  • Explain briefly materials used in jigs and fixtures.

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