Important Questions of Generic Skills & Entrepreneurship Development

Hello to students of Civil Engineering,

This Vivek Sharma, and in this post i have written some Important Questions of Generic Skills & Entrepreneurship Development.
Generic Skills & Entrepreneurship Development is a subject of students who are doing Diploma in Civil Engineering.
I Hope these Questions will help you in your Studies 🙂

Here are those Questions…

  • What is LLL stands for?
  • Write two other names of Generic skill.
  • What is the difference between group and team?
  • Name any four personality traits.
  • Define “anxiety”.
  • Write a short note on task management.
  • Give the definition of TEAM.
  • What is personal grooming?
  • What is team hierarchy?
  • define cooperation.
  • Write a short note on managing self.
  • What is the meaning of business case?
  • What is meant by Team Dynamics?
  • Write steps involved in registration of small scale industry.
  • Discuss the qualities of an entrepreneur.
  • What are the contents of the project report?
  • Define financial plan.
  • Give a definition of “meaningful learning”.
  • Define “a problem”.
  • What do you mean by risk plan?
  • What is forming stage?
  • Explain the different functions of SIDBI.
  • Describe Life Long Learning and associated importance in Generic Skill Development.
  • Explain the concept of Time management in detail.
  • What is communication in a group? Explain different types of communication.
  • What do you understand by the market survey? Write in detail.
  • List and explain the steps followed in problem-solving.
  • Explain in detail about STRESS & its management.
  • Explain in detail entrepreneur and Entrepreneur of support system provided by various financial institutions.
  • Explain in detail role of entrepreneur.
  • Give Project Report format in a simple way in relation to a construction project.
  • What is the main characteristic of small scale Industries?

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