BTE Question Paper of Environmental Studies

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This Vivek Sharma, and in this post, I have written BTE Question Paper of Environmental Studies.

As we know that  Environmental Studies is a subject of students who are doing Diploma in Civil & Mechanical Engineering.
I Hope this Question Paper will help you to prepare for your upcoming Board Exams

Here are the Questions from BTE Question Paper…

  • Differentiate between Re-settlement and Rehabilitation of people?
  • What is Environment?
  • What is meant by natural resources?
  • Define drought.
  • Give the meaning of the term sustainable development.
  • What is a food chain?
  • Define species diversity
  • What do you understand by the term endangered species?
  • Define the term “Conservation”.
  • What is meant by habitat? What is a hazard?
  • What is a watershed?
  • Define reclamation
  • What is Disaster?
  • Explain the term “resettlement”
  • Differentiate between renewable and Non-renewable resources
  • Differentiate the food web and ecological pyramid.
  • Explain the terms of population growth and population explosion.
  • What are the major issues involved in enforcement of environmental legislation?
  • What are the effects of solid wastes on the environment?
  • How wasteland reclamation is done?
  • What is Noise Pollution? What are its effects on human health?
  • Explain briefly the salient features of the Wildlife Protection Act.
  • What are the sources, effects and control of air pollution?
  • What is an acid rain? Explain with a case study.
  • What are the roles of an individual in the control of pollution?
  • What are the highlights of Air pollution control act?
  • Explain the role of information technology in environmental studies
  • How can you control noise pollution?
  • What is dB? Explain the functions of a Lake eco system.
  • Write short notes on:
    • Use of alternate energy sources
    • Environmental effects of mineral extraction
    • Threats to bio-diversity
    • Nuclear hazards

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