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This is Vivek Sharma and in this article, I am writing some Important Question of Introduction to Microprocessor

Here are those Question…

  • What do you understand by word length of a digital computer?
  • Write the difference between microcontroller and microprocessor.
  • Discuss the function of the input and output device.
  • How stack works in Microprocessor.
  • Why partitioning of memory is required?
  • The instruction LDA belongs to which addressing mode?
  • “The multiplexing is a good feature of Microprocessor”.Justify.
  • What are the mnemonic codes?
  • Write four control signals used in 8085.
  • Which flag/flags will be affected after the addition of two 8 bit hexadecimal numbers?
  • Differentiate between machine language and assembly language.
  • Define Software interrupts.
  • Define the Instruction Cycle.
  • Explain stack.
  • Write an assembly program to extract the fifth bit of a number in Accumulator and store it in another register.
  • Compare and contrast between synchronous and asynchronous data transfer.
  • Define interrupt. Discuss various maskable and non-maskable interrupts.
  • Briefly explain the bus organization of 8085.
  • Write various steps involved in fetching and execution of the instruction.
  • Show all the steps involved, to find 2’s complement of, 8-bit hexadecimal number 33H, if the number is present in memory location 3005 H.
  • Explain the significance of SIM and RIM instruction.
  • By making a neat diagram, describe the block diagram of 8085 interfacing controller.
  • How many interrupt lines are there in 8085? How these lines are triggered? On what priority are they served?
  • Draw the Timing diagram for the following machine cycle:
    • The opcode fetch machine cycle
    • I/O write machine cycle
  • Write an assembly program to find the largest number out of three hexadecimal numbers.
  • Discuss the differences between 8085 and z80 microprocessor by taking various characteristics.
  • What do you understand by the term “Cycle stealing”? Why and how is it done? What are its advantages?
  • Compare and contrast between programmed input/output with interrupt driven I/O data transfer schemes, bringing out the merits of each.
  • Give the internal structure of 8255 and explain the working of each part.
  • Discuss the main features of the Intel 8051 family of microcontrollers. Discuss the area of Applications.
  • Make a Pin diagram of 8085, and related signals by discussing the function of each pin.

I Hope this Questions will help you to prepare for your External Board Exams


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