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Hi, I am Vivek, a college dropout turned Website Developer turned Digital Marketer, now Founder of DTCS and author of "First Startup".
When I took admission to Diploma in Computer Engineering, In the 1st Semester, I was using hammers and other tools to shape that metal sheet!. Just like you did or might be doing in your current semester.
I was good in all subjects except Applied Mathematics-1 and Applied Mathematics-2. My interest started decreasing towards theory and I started learning HTML and How to create Websites?
I decided to create a useful website. I saw there is no website for Diploma Students to download previous year Question Papers. At that moment, I decided to create a website, Where all diploma students can download previous year Question Papers.
In the beginning, I created Which got so famous in Guru Nanak Dev Institute of Technology. But as I was a student at that time, I was unable to manage the money that was required to keep running.
After that, I restarted all my hard work from scratch. I bought domain and I started posting previous year Question Papers.
So, This was the Story behind eDiploma, there are many more things & experiences that I want to share with my Juniors, for that You need to subscribe to the YouTube Channel of eDiploma.

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